About Straight Talk

How and why was Straight Talk by Ephedra Outlet born????

We have been selling diet pills online since 2006 and through the years have learned that our greatest resource isn’t manufacturers and trade expos, it’s you guys, our awesome customer base!

Your participation is what makes Ephedra Outlet the one stop shop for the most legit fat loss supplements available – when you tell us what’s up we listen! Your feedback and our 8+ years of experience and expertise in the weight loss and fitness industry is how we are able to bring you the most high quality supplements on the market today!

It seems like every day there is a new diet fad, new supplement, or new weight loss miracle. We know with our research and your valuable input straight talk will be the place you can come to get the straight scoop on all things weight loss and fitness!  We will deliver MASSIVE value in sharing our honest perspectives and experiences, and we want you to do that same thing. This is also a great opportunity for us to build our relationship with you, so comment frequently! Write success stories! Stay in the loop and we promise to deliver!

Contributors to Straight Talk come from many different backgrounds but the common thread between us all is a love of fitness, a healthy lifestyle and fun! We stay active and healthy, but we also love nights out, craft beers, and lazy days in the sun! It’s all about finding a balance, and we think we can help you create the lifestyle you want!  So welcome to the newest addition to Ephedra Outlet, and keep your eye out for new Straight Talk every week!