Why are you confused about ephedrine?

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between ephedra, ephedrine, and ma huang due to inappropriate and irresponsible marketing by certain companies. So what is the real story? In the United States, ephedrine is usually referred to when talking about prescription and OTC supplements used as decongestants. An example of this type of ephedrine would be the ephedrine sulfate found in bronkaid. This type of ephedrine is only available in pharmacies, and you must show your i.d. to buy it.

But what if you want to lose weight?

Some people still try and use bronkaid as their ephedrine source when they are trying to lose weight. This poses two problems: it’s inconvenient and not how the product was intended to work. Bronkaid is designed as a decongestant, not an ephedrine weight loss product. A friend might have told you they lost weight using ephedrine, but it was probably an ephedra product that they actually used. In the weight loss industry, ephedrine and ephedra are used almost interchangeably. The good news for you is that ephedra is both a stimulant and a thermogenic. This means it can heat up your body and boost your metabolism, which can help you to burn fat at a faster than normal rate.

Is Ephedrine banned?

When most think of ephedrine, they think of products such as Ripped Fuel and Metabolife. These products contained ephedrine alkaloids and were amazing at providing fast weight loss and all-day-long energy. In 2006, the final ban on products containing ephedrine alkaloids came into effect, and since 2006 no supplement containing ephedrine alkaloids has been sold.

Ephedra vs. Ephedrine alkaloids

Ephedrine alkaloids being banned isn’t the end of ephedra. There are now many products available containing ephedra extract or other forms of ephedra, which are a different version of ephedra than the one that contained ephedrine alkaloids. The benefit of this ephedra vs. ephedrine alkaloids is that it is much safer to use than ephedrine alkaloids. Most people agree that ephedra isn’t quite as powerful as ephedrine alkaloids, but also think it’s still a great ingredient that can have many benefits, like losing weight.

Which ephedra product is best?

The best part about EphedraOutlet.com is that we have the best customers on the internet. What does that mean? It means that we have customers that not only care about losing weight, they care about other people losing weight. They leave thoughtful and helpful reviews on all of our products which greatly helps us recommend an ephedrine replacement. One of our best reviewed ephedra products that we recommend as an amazing advanced thermogenic is called Stimamine Black. Stimamine Black contains 50 mg of ephedra (ephedrine replacement), and its benefits include weight loss and energy.

Here are some Stimamine reviews from our recent customers:

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Final Verdict

Ephedrine was a great weight loss product for many years but is now banned for use in dietary supplements for weight loss. Try out an amazing ephedrine replacement called Stimamine Black that still contains high-quality ephedra, and you be amazed at the benefits it can provide you. Steady weight loss and long-lasting energy are just a few possibilities.

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