Green Tea Fat Burner

Green Tea Fat Burner For Weight Loss

It seems like every month there is a new “amazing” weight loss ingredient or diet that guarantees fast weight loss with no exercise and no side effects. HCG diet, acai, etc, etc. The list is endless. So what’s the real scoop on green tea?

Having a healthy body.

It’s been known (as known as something can be in the scientific community) that drinking green tea can lower your risk of heart disease, help fight cancer, and generally improve your health. But now, new research indicates that it can boost metabolism WITHOUT increasing heart rate which obviously leads to increased weight loss.

The Behind Green Tea

Warning: We are about to get very technical and scientific. If you don’t care, skip to the next section where you can read about the awesome benefits of green tea and where to find it.

Almost all teas (green, black, etc) are high in polyphenols, which provide all those awesome cancer and heart disease fighting properties that persuade people to drink things that don’t always taste the best. Hint: before making or buying tea for the first time, learn the basics from an expert otherwise it might taste like dirty laundry.

Green tea happens to contain a particularly high concentration of one particular polyphenol called catechins. Catechins have recently been discovered to have an effect on both body fat and cholesterol levels, which is why green tea could be the ultimate tea for both health and weight loss. That’s it for the boring science stuff, but if that’s your thing read more here:

Green Tea Extract In Diet Pills

Most of the studies we have read are regarding green tea extract found in green tea that you drink. What about the green tea extract found in pills and supplements? So far the research is thin regarding green tea leaves vs. green tea supplements. One concern is that the quantity of green tea extract found in supplements just isn’t enough to measure up to the amount you get from drinking a cup of tea. That doesn’t mean the green tea extract in supplements can’t help you, it just means there isn’t a ton of evidence on the powder form of green tea extract and we aren’t going to lie to you about it.

If you are interested in an ephedra supplement that also has the benefits of green tea extract, we have three recommendations. Green Stinger, which is our top seller, contains green tea extract. Metabodrene 356, which is the replacement to Metabolife, along with ECA Stack Extreme also contain green tea extract. Remember, there is no magic diet pill no matter what anyone says. It will take a commitment to eat right along with a good fat burner to get the body you want.

Read more if you are still worried that diet pills could be a rip-off.

JT Hart is a regular contributor to Ephedra Outlet. He is a confused individual that spends his time enjoying good beer and food while also competing in triathlons and obstacle races. He manages to stay in good shape by being smart about his exercise and even smarter about his eating. He also loves to travel and all things sports. Follow him on Google+

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