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1-AD by Hi-Tech Pharma

What is 1-AD?

Waiting to see improvements in your strength and size?

Want a product that lives up to the claims of its potency?

Looking for a safe and legal alternative for growth?

1-AD by Hi-Tech Pharma is converted into the hormone known as 1-Testosterone. The increase of this hormone allows for you to achieve maximum results in size and strength. Best of all, it’s a safe and legal product to take.

Who is 1-AD ideal for? Why is it effective?

1-AD is a prohormone that is meant to be used by anyone who is looking to take their low testosterone levels to new heights. With the advancement of 1-Testosterone conversion, 1-AD allows for your body to go through cleaner cycles of increased strength and size.

This prohormone can be taken by anyone at any fitness level. If you are new to the prohormone scene, we would suggest taking this product on its own along with an ICT. This will ensure you are obtaining the best benefits without side effects from the product.

For the experienced users, you may stack this with any of your current supplements as long you do it at the correct dosage. Like all other prohormones, regardless of your experience, you should complete your cycle with a PCT.

1-AD is a useful prohormone due to its formula. The way the compounds react in order to produce 1-Testosterone ensures that you will go through a period of cleaner muscle gains and strength with minimal side effects.

What are the benefits of using 1-AD?

1-AD has a formula unlike most prohormones. This formula solely focuses on the production of 1-Testosterone, which is key in its role to promote greater increases of strength and lean muscle mass.

  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Has minimum estrogenic side effects
  • Doesn’t retain water – Promotes a vascular look
  • Promotes body fat incineration
  • Enhances strength and raw power (1)
1-AD Reviews

When talking about prohormones there is much to discuss. First, you have to find which one matches best with the results you are trying to obtain. You have to see what to take it with and worry if it’s safe or not.

As for 1-AD, the only question you should be asking is what am I waiting for?

If you are looking for a product with proven results, this is it. They have done studies at three different colleges to find out if this product is effective. What they found is that the users of this product, while on the same training program as the non-users had much different results. The users of 1-AD obtained over ten pounds of lean muscle mass when compared to the non-users.

Why wait any longer? Get big, get strong, and get the body you want with 1-AD from Hi-Tech Pharma.

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