Red Volt

MG of Ephedra: 25
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90
Manufacturer: Victory Over Weakness

Red Volt

MG of Ephedra: 25
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90
Manufacturer: Victory Over Weakness

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Well balanced extreme fat burner.
25 mg Ephedra per serving
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Red Volt with Ephedra by Victory Over Weakness

Looking for a way to get your mornings back? Having a rough start to the day seems to make everything harder. Coffee and tea are a hassle that isn’t even worth the trouble anymore. By the time your body wakes up and your brain clocks in, half the day’s already gone! You’ve got to figure out what’s for dinner. Walk the dog. Fold Laundry. It. Never. Ends. Under these circumstances, going to the gym can seem like a far-off fantasy! Red Volt with ephedra can help you get a purposeful and positive start to the day. Imagine getting out of bed and looking forward to how much you can accomplish. Start your day off with confidence, a clear head, and tons of energy - ready to take on the world. Your to-do-list is absolutely terrifying! You’ll have the time AND the energy for the gym. With Red Volt, you can start seeing the results of your hard work faster than ever. Slim down, tone up and start sculpting that lean figure you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t let another day go to waste! Red Volt with ephedra is here to help you succeed!

What is Red Volt with Ephedra?

Red Volt is a supplement containing 25mg of Ephedra Viridis. It is designed to help with the following:
  1. Providing clean, smooth, and lasting energy, from start to finish!
  2. Boosting your mood and mental performance!
  3. Kicking your appetite and cravings to the curb!
Life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take control today with Red Volt and start building the habits of a healthy lifestyle.

What Sets Red Volt Apart?

It’s simple. Red Volt has nothing to hide. The Red Volt contains a no-frills, no-fillers, HONEST formula with NO PROPRIETARY BLEND. Products with a proprietary blend don’t tell you how much of each individual ingredient is inside, just the total milligram count of the whole combination. Red Volt tells you exactly how much of each component is in a serving. There are no surprises or guesswork - what you see is what you get:
  • Ephedra Viridis - 25mg Caffeine Anhydrous - 250mg Green Tea Extract - 50mg White Willow Bark Extract - 100mg Panax Ginseng Powder - 50mg Theobromine - 25mg Ginger Root Extract - 25mg Alpha Yohimbine - 1mg Cayenne Powder - 5mg Synephrine HCL - 20mg
Don’t delay! Get Red Volt today!


Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90
Ephedra Virdis 27mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 225mg
Green Tea Extract 120mg
(95% Polyphenol 45% EGCG)
Caralluma Fimbriata P.E. 20% 50mg
Gracinia Cambogia P.E. 50% HCA 25mg
Theobromine Hcl 25mg
Ginger Root Extract 25mg
5HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) 25mg
Piper Nigrum (98% pieperine) 5 mg
Yohimbine Hcl 2mg

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it was ok took a while to feel


This is okay... but nothing like the ephedra back in the day. I took more than one once and instantly regretted it.. I felt sick and nauseous - I think it was all that caffine. Still looking for my perfect ephedra product sadly...


i have been using red volt to shed inches off my waist and for a pick me up. it has worked well. no crazy jacked feeling yet a good steady energy boost through out the day. i would and have recommended this product to friends and family. i like it better than the green stingers, actually


This product is working very well for me in the energy boost, I have only been taking for a week so not too sure on the weight loss as of yet. It makes me feel more energenic & very relaxed at same time (no shakes or jitters). My main goal is weight loss and energy boost, so far so good. Yes the product was well worth the money as you only have to take one pill per day as opposed to the other product I was taking which required 4 a day. And this was the same price per bottle. Yes I do for sure recommend this product for energy boost without the shakes or speed" feeling."


did not work, do not beleive it is same ephedra as original eca stacks.. mostly caffine energy. not suprised, real deal ephedra...MIA!