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Wicked By Innovative Laboratories

What is Wicked PreWorkout?

Tired of false claims from other low-grade energy supplements?

Want the most stimulant bang for your buck?

Put simply, the pre-workout Wicked from Innovative Laboratories is a product that shows results. What puts Wicked ahead of others is the massive amount of hard hitting ingredients including DMAA along with other stimulants.

This is a well-constructed formula featuring ingredients that complement one another to give you maximum results.

Who is Wicked ideal for? Why is it effective?

Wicked is a pre-workout that contains many different stimulants to help increase your energy levels and give you that crazy vascular pump you want.

If you want any of the following, Wicked is what you need:

  • Driven energy levels
  • Insane pumps and vascularity
  • Muscle building support

Regardless of your fitness experience or supplement knowledge, we all can react differently to the same pre-workout. Wicked does contain high amounts of DMAA. It’s also combined with other stimulants and for some this has been shown to increase blood pressure. This is one intense formula so regardless of how your tolerance, we would still advise everyone to start off with a half scoop.

What makes Wicked so effective is the highly concentrated stimulant based formula. The ingredients selected for the formula were chosen based on results and how well they all paired well with each other. For example, DMAA has been shown to have a higher functioning rate when paired with caffeine.

What are the benefits of using Wicked?

Wicked is a proven provider of energy due to its carefully selected stimulant package.

L-Citrulline Silicate
  • Promotes production of nitric oxide
  • Easily absorbed
  • Increases strength, endurance
  • Provides you with a vascular pump (1)
  • Significantly boosts energy levels
  • Relieves muscle pain
  • Increases stamina (2)
Beta Alanine
  • Increases endurance and strength
  • Prevents buildup of lactic acid
  • Promotes muscle mass growth (3)
Wicked Reviews

Wicked walks the walk, while other pre-workouts just talk the talk. Overall, we can see that Wicked doesn’t provide users with the false hope that they might have grown accustom to with low-grade supplements. These ingredients were chosen for the sole purpose of making a product that works. Wicked uses an arsenal of stimulants to help the user push past the point of exhaustion into greatness.

So if you’re done trying supplements that don’t work, it’s time to go with the a product that delivers. It’s time to go with Wicked by Innovative Laboratories.

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