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American Generic Labs has created Yellow Devils for those of you who are serious about getting into shape and maintaining that shape! If you’ve been dieting, exercising, and studying nutritional supplements, you are probably already familiar with the many benefits of ephedra-based supplements. You already know about the use of caffeine as a booster during exercise. But did you know that the unique combination of ephedra extracts, caffeine, and other natural ingredients found in Yellow Devils produces a synergistic effect. Together, they can result in better, faster results than either element alone? Some of the benefits Yellow Devils are designed for include the following:
  • Super-efficient fat burning
  • Maximum energy levels
  • Higher metabolism

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Yellow Devils can help you take weight loss that one step further with its formula. Studies suggest that the capsaicin in capsicum annum, also know as chili peppers, has been shown to help obese mice lose weight more quickly. Kola nut is widely used in some West African cultures to help increase energy and reduce hunger pangs. Yellow Devils are specially designed to have the best weight loss ingredient blend. Because of the high levels of natural extracts in each serving, you should only consider taking Yellow Devils if you have thoroughly researched the ingredients and understand the super results you’ll get with this fantastic ephedra supplement. The secret to how Yellow Devils lead to such dramatic results is the way the ingredients work together. So, only order today if you are sure you can handle the ultimate effects from Yellow Devils natural ephedra and caffeine nutritional supplements.

Staff Notes:

Yellow devils with ephedra are often compared to Original Yellow Swarm and Original Yellow Sting. This product contains caffeine!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Donald McCain

Light but awesome

Benny Perez

On the days that I train it takes through giving me maximum potential or let’s me put supreme effort


more energy, no weight loss. not sure


good product.. more energy.. No weight loss... TO much money..


not simply works!!
it gives me also a great feeling without
heart bit and intensity. i just love it!!

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