1. Alice

    I Love this product!

  2. Kathleen

    great delivery. speedy. They are the real thing!

  3. jacqueline

    shipped fast products works great

  4. deborah

    This product works great I ran the chicago marathon and looked good doing it

  5. Jaime

    This product works well at first, gives you energy and cuts cravings, but after taking it for 2 just stopped working

  6. Carrie

    This product helps give you energy and cuts cravings

  7. Tresha

    This product caused severe stomach pain. Plus it did not reduce hunger. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I will stick with pure ephedra from now on.

  8. Jody

    This product is amazing, I have the energy I need and totally cuts cravings without the shakes or insomnia!

  9. donna

    I have not lost any weight with this product and when i take 2, i get the shakes. i only need to lose 5 lbs and with real ephedra products, that would have been gone in a week. no results here

  10. Jennifer

    Love the energy this pill gives although I have took it for several months no weight loss so its definetely not like the real ephedra, which they dont make anymore but if you need energy this pill is great

  11. Fernando

    Good product, gives me the energy I need.

  12. raymond

    Great product & price.. Helped me lose about 8 pounds in 2 months. I will continue with product & I recommend it also..

  13. jason

    a very good over all feeling. Very up and energetic but not overly stimulating. My girlfreing really likes them for a midday pick-me-up also.

  14. ryan

    i am very happy with the results i have received from lipodrene. i have lost 24lbs in 3 months just by using this and minorly changing my diet. great product

  15. Michelle

    The Product has been great! Does not make you jittery, just gives you an all day extra energy boost, and helps to curb the hunger. I am sold and will repurchase!

  16. Brooke

    I had been using 10mg of ephedra and was a little hesitant about increasing the amount. But Lipodrene did not give me any negative side effects. I purchased the product for increased energy while training for a marathon. So far, I feel great about my purchase!

  17. Gustavo

    This product is excellent for an energy boost and a great non jittery feel, however as a far burner and metabloism booster it simply is not as effective as the origianl product description states

  18. anne

    This product just did not work for me. I have since ordered green surge and it seem to suit me better. Customer service has been very good.

  19. Jessica

    This stuff kicks Butt. Literally. I lost 20 Lbs on in a month 🙂 Makes you have energy , reduces cravings, blasts fat! I felt a little funky the first 3 days, then just good clean energy and RAPID weight loss. I was 120 now im 100 after a month on this stuff plus diet and exercise. dieting is easy when you are on this cuz you dont get hungry, just make sure that you take it throughout the day cuz you will be starving at the end of the day and may over eat. No extra caffeine for the first 2 weeks or you wil get a nasty head ache. Have fun with this stuff and hit the cardio, you will see results! 🙂

  20. Michelle


  21. Sarah

    Lipodrene is great! It got me down to a size 6! I highly recomend. Boosts energy without the jitters. Buy this stuff!!!

  22. Jerome

    I liked it, it gave me the energy i needed, also loosing the weight. thank you

  23. Pera

    Have been using ephedra to and from for years now. Have tested many products. Ordered 2 products from and I do not feel any ephedra effect. Can take two pills and go to sleep! I decide not to order more products from this site. The shipment went fast and easy…

  24. Jerome

    Lipodrene with ephedra is excellent gives you energy and hunger control . The product was a very good price . I would recomend this to anyone needing apetite control or in need of extra energy

  25. Elmyra

    the product worked great…it gave me that extra boost of energy i needed and helped control my appetite greatly…i love it!!!

  26. Karen

    Lipodrene was like a miracle in a bottle… At first. For some reason, it just stopped working for me after about 2 weeks. If it had continued to work I would have given it 5 stars…

  27. Douglas

    This is the best fat burner i have taking. It will work as long as you watch your diet and exercise. Hands down best product

  28. christine

    I tried the product and at first it worked but had to up the dose every couple of days just to feel it working. Going to try something else now

  29. Diana

    Lipdrene gives me the enerygy that I need for my job. I needed something with an apetite suppressant which this has. My goal is to stop eating as much especially as I cannot excercise due to an ankle injury. Yes it is. As I live in NZ I wish it was a bit cheaper due to the exchange rate. Obsolutely. I keep coming back to this product.

  30. Jake

    I am currently taking this product and enjoy it. It had sufficient amount of energy when i first started taking it but now Im looking at a 27mg ephedra. I would recommend this to people who dont want as much of an energy kick and more of an appitite supressor,

  31. renee

    I have used this product for a couple of years now and I love it!

  32. thresa

    I have no appetite after taking your product,I intend to take indefinitely.I love it.

  33. ROBERT

    Lipodrene with Ephedra is an excellent product for appetite control and weight loss. Plus, it contains much less caffeine than the majority of Ephedra-containing products. This is a huge benefit for daily coffee drinkers like myself, because you can continue to drink coffee while using this product without becoming over-caffeinated. I have lost nearly 10% of my starting body weight in about 8 weeks.

  34. sarah

    Works fine. Gives you energy and reduces your food cravings.

  35. ROBLET

    I purchased this product for fat burning. I love it. It is completely successfull, I lost a lot of weight 6 kilos within 3 weeks and it minimizes a lot my appetite.

  36. Damian

    this product was good.
    it helped me acheive my goal of losing weight.
    product was worth it.
    I would reccomend it to others.

  37. Jackie

    I like this product alot , it helps with my appetite and energy. I am loosing weight slowly which is the best way to loose. I will continue to use this product to reach my goals.

  38. Jerome

    Love it, I lost about 15pounds in 35 days, I have no appetite and plenty of energy, no jetters just pure energy and the prices are great also fast shipping, still need a ways to go but I know this prouduct will get me there !!

  39. Janet

    With Lipodrene you get more bang for your buck. The recommended dosage is 1 to 3 pills throughout the day and you get 100 pills in a bottle!
    Lipodrene gives me that extra umph I need to get through the day and it helps curb my appetite as well. I work nights and Lipodrene has given me the extra energy I need to make it through out my entire shift. I would recommend it!

  40. Ray Ann

    great product…it helps with my appetite and energy level

  41. Gena

    1. Product was great, made me feel energized without the shakes.
    2. Main goal=weight loss =it did help me to look great in my bathing suit!
    3. Worth every penny
    4. have recommended to others.

  42. Barbara

    This product has helped my husband, a truck driver, keep his weight off and keep him alert while driving. It is well worth the money. I do recommend it to others and also share it with family members. Thank you

  43. Kara

    I really like the Lipodrene with Ephedra. It gives me a little exrta boost during the day and helps control my hunger. It works well and I will be purchasing it again.

  44. Penny

    Lipodrene has been working for me so far. I am so happy that there are still places we can get ephedra or ma haung! I bought this product to help with my energy and weight lose! I have lost twenty pounds in a little over a month and I have about thirty to go!! The price is great because I can ALWAYS use a coupon and I save four dollars everytime and I have already told my family and friends about how great Lipodrene really is!
    Thanks, Penny Lane Brabant

  45. Wesley

    it gives me energy and supresses my appetite so that I eat less and lose weight

  46. Kat

    As soon as I heard that I could buy ephedra products again, I purchased the Lipodrene. I love this product and have lost 19 pounds since I started taking it. It does not make me jittery or give me headaches the way other ephedra products have. I would highly recommend it.

  47. Tabitha

    This product worked great for me, ive had the energy to keep up with my triplets! I got these to lose the baby weight after my 4th child and I ended up losing more than my original goal! Im smaller now than i was in highschool and yet im still within a healthy bmi average! Definitely worth the money and im always telling someone about it.

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