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Yellow Bullets + Super-Green Energy Food

Yellow Bullets + Super Green Energy Food

100 Caps + (1) 20 pk · #EO211 Yellow Bullet Ephedra Diet Pills and Super-Green Plan · Special · 
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100 Caps + (1) 20 pk

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Supercharge your entire body with the powerful energy and health boosting combination of Yellow Bullets with Ephedra and Super-Green Energy Food! This incredible product combination will increase your body’s fat burning potential, and then build up your body with powerful nutrients available from super green foods.

The Yellow Bullets with Ephedra and Super-Green Energy Food combo:

•    Increases thermogenic metabolism with ephedra
•    Rapidly boosts energy
•    Delivers high phytonutrient content
•    Contains essential vitamins and minerals

You can spend hours at the gym trying to improve  your lean mass, but if your diet doesn’t provide the necessary nutrients you need for a healthy body, it’s all for nothing. Many athletes take energy enhancing supplements for a complete workout experience. Athletes and non-athletes alike both search for complete multivitamin supplements. But no dietary stack will bring you the combined benefits of both like Yellow Bullets with Ephedra and Super-Green Energy Food.

Yellow Bullets with Ephedra are organic ephedra diet pills that use herbal extracts to naturally increase energy in the body. Caffeine is the world’s most popular stimulant, and can elevate mood while increasing energy. This dietary supplement also contains a proprietary blend of ephedrine, synephrine and yohimbine, which works not only to increase energy, but enhances thermogenic metabolism, burns fat swiftly and can even improve sexual performance in the bedroom.  Yellow Bullets with Ephedra will bring the energy you need to every corner of your life!

That energy goes nowhere if you don’t have the nutrients to support it, but that’s where Super-Green Energy Food comes in. With 6 superfood ingredients and 16 other natural sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Super-Green Energy Food will give your body the nutrition it needs to promote an overall healthier experience.

This stack formula is the next best thing to turning your body into a high performance engine. Buy Yellow Bullets with Ephedra with Super-Green Energy Food today!

Staff Notes: This product combination is designed to promote overall health and energy. Yellow Bullets contain ephedrine, yohimbine, synephrine and caffeine for enhanced energy, thermogenic fat burning metabolism and mood. Super-Green Energy Food contains 6 superfoods and 16 other cofactors delivering phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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