HCG Diet

I’m sure everyone has heard about this amazing new weight loss diet called the HCG diet. It promises miraculous weight loss in record time. They say it’s healthy too. They are wrong. The HCG diet is stupid. Sorry but that’s the truth. And not only is it stupid but it’s extremely unhealthy.

We were approached to sell a supplement (sorry, not going to name names) endorsed by a celebrity that was centered around the HCG diet. We were offered a good amount of money to do this sale but absolutely refused. Why? We think the HCG diet is very unhealthy and didn’t want to associate ourselves with it.

The HCG “Diet”

The HCG diet is centered around a very, very low calorie diet along with seeing a doctor for the HCG shots. It’s a double dose of unhealthy. First, eating 500 or less calories a day is extremely taxing on the body. You are putting yourself in a calorie deficit that is going to leave you mentally tired and physically lethargic. You simply aren’t providing your body enough nutrients to live healthy. And if you are an exerciser? Forget it. Your body will be completely exhausted in days.

The HCG Shots

HCG is normally used to treat infertility in men and women. It’s a pregnancy hormone. The prescription form is usually very expensive ($395-$999) and usually requires daily injections. Unfortunately, there isn’t much proof that HCG actually causes weight loss. In 14 clinical studies only two showed any signs that HCG provided any additional weight loss compared to a placebo.

HCG Is the Ultimate Diet

Everyone has experienced the terrible feeling of losing a bunch of weight only to put it back on within a year. Some studies estimate that 80% of people that lose weight gain it all back (and more!) within two years. 80%! That means 4 out of 5 people that lose a significant amount of weight gain it all back. What a horrible feeling that is after such a great accomplishment.

Guess what? The HCG diet is the ultimate roller coaster diet. You will lose weight on it. Because you are starving yourself in the most unhealthy possible. But guess what happens as soon as you stop? All that weight and probably more is coming right back. The HCG diet is not a sustainable diet, not even close.

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JT Hart is a regular contributor to Ephedra Outlet. He is a confused individual that spends his time enjoying good beer and food while also competing in triathlons and obstacle races. He manages to stay in good shape by being smart about his exercise and even smarter about his eating. He also loves to travel and all things sports. Follow him on Google+

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