What is the best weight loss diet pill?

What is the best weight loss pill? According to the Great Google Machine, that exact phrase is searched over 5000 times a month! And if take the time to do that search you are presented with things like Alli (scary side effects) and articles from Forbes and the great (note: sarcasm) Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz has a new greatest weight loss pill pretty much every week, yet somehow still manages to get excited about each and every one. We, on the other hand, prefer tried and tested weight loss pills that have been reviewed by actual customers and have proven success.

When looking to find the best weight loss pill you might first look to the FDA, since they “oversee” the diet pill industry. They don’t approve or disapprove every weight loss pill, but they have approved a couple recently, and when they deem a weight loss pill too dangerous they will disapprove it. We won’t rehash this arbitrary system in this article, but you can read more about the banning of effective weight loss pills and the approval of not so effective ones here and here.

Unfortunately, if you go with one of the FDA approved weight loss pills you might not be happy with the outcome. Alli has some embarrassing side effects (let’s just say don’t wear white pants) and Belviq/Qsymia have a lot of questions on their potential side effects as well as their actual effectiveness in aiding weight loss.

What are we looking for from the best weight loss pill?

In our opinion there are three main components that make a top tier weight loss pill.

Effectiveness in Weight Loss – This boils down to how much extra weight a diet pill helps you lose. That’s the main reason most people take weight loss pills, to lose weight. So our first criteria is a pill that increases our metabolism and potentially decreases our appetite which allows for the maximum possible weight loss. We aren’t huge fans of Alli, because it’s more of a fat blocker than a fat burner. So let’s cross it off the list.

Lack of Side Effects – Many of the best weight loss pills can also be associated with some severe health risks which rule them out of the discussion. Phen-Phen comes to mind as one pill that was amazingly effective, but was highly questionable in terms of side effects. Another is ephedra alkaloids, which many believe shouldn’t have been banned, but regardless both phen-phen and ephedra alkaloids are banned so they are off the list. We need a weight loss pill with no severe side effects and that only cause minor issues in some people, because all effective pills may create issues (headache, nausea) with a small percentage of the population.

Actual Reviews from Customers

This is the toughest one. Sifting through the mountains of misinformation on the web it’s easy to get sucked in by clever marketing copy. I’m guilty of it and I’m guessing you are too. Marketers know we can get entrapped by the latest greatest invention that promises us never seen before results. But after trying the latest greatest, or taking the time to research it, we realize most of the time it’s a lot of fluff and no substance. That is why we feature 100% actual reviews from our customers to help other customers determine what the best weight loss pill is.

So what is the best weight loss pill?

For our money, it’s Green Stinger or Lipodrene. We don’t think you can go wrong with either. They have been our #1 and #2 products for at least five years which means there is no need for fancy new marketing copy. They sell themselves, and customers feedback helps sell them. They meet all the criteria we mentioned above by providing effective weight loss with almost no side effects, and have been highly reviewed by past customers. They are also rarely returned and often reordered.

To us it’s a no brainer, don’t rely on marketers whose only job is to sell to tell you what the best weight loss pill is. Rely instead on the best customers ever, found at EphedraOutlet.com. They want the same awesome weight loss success that you do, and they have already nominated Green Stinger and Lipodrene as the two best weight loss pills. At the end of the day, the best weight loss pill is the one that gives you the best chance to succeed at losing weight. We think following in the footsteps of people that have lost weight using a weight loss pill helps make that decision easier. There is no better testimony of a weight loss pill than someone that is living a new life thanks to losing weight, being healthier, and living longer!